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About Me

I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys and a wife to an amazing husband.  I have a strong passion for photography and the art it creates and I just love the smiles, goos, silliness, and adventures of photographing children.  Photography by Melissa J specializes in Maternity, Newborn, and Children photography but I really like to do it all.

I grew up doing gymnastics during my childhood years and that is what I credit a lot of my determination and will power to.  I'm hard at work even when I'm at home playing with my children =).  I'm always thinking of new ideas for my photography but also just new ideas for life itself. I truly believe that you can always keep on learning no matter how much you age!

Back in the day, I worked a "real job" for years and though I had some fun times, I must truly say that I now have the best job in the world.  I get to go out and make people smile and capturing those wonderful moments for them to cherish for a lifetime.  To know that in 50 years, a photo I captured could be sitting on a large canvas above a fireplace still being treasured, makes me completely happy!

I hope you enjoy my blog and please follow me to hear more exciting photo sessions, photography tips, and whatever else I may feel like talking about.  Check out my Facebook page as well to stay up to date on promo's, sneak peeks, and more.


One day, I'll share some family photos with you...
I shared my son starting out in Kindergarten, that was a start.  I'll be traveling to Mexico later this year and I can't wait to document that trip!

but until then...
Have a great day!
Melissa J
Owner - Photography by Melissa J

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