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February 17, 2012

DIY baby headband tutorial :: Colorado Springs Baby Photographer

I love to girly up my newborns when photographing them and cute little headbands is one of my favorite ways to do it. I spend A LOT of money on props... yes, a lot! My husband would be happy to tell you if you'd like. =) I shop at places like Etsy, Hobby Lobby, Joann's fabric and many more. If you've never been on Etsy, you've got to check it out! I love it because it's homemade items and you're helping small business when you purchase from there.

Well my last trip to Hobby Lobby which was yesterday, and maybe the day before, and... you get the idea I came across these adorable little flowers and knew I had to put them on a babies head. the way I made these headbands are super easy and can have many modifications. I made them to where I will just tie them onto the babies head but you can also close them and make a specific size.  Since I photograph older babies sometimes and since not every baby has the same head, I wanted the option to tie.  For a photographer, having the ability to tie it comes in handy when baby is just barely asleep and you don't want to move her too much.

I'm going to show you how I made these particular ones. I spent $4 at Hobby Lobby and made 3 headbands - Now that's a steal!!
Here's what I used ::
- Flower package from Hobby Lobby
- Lace trim from Hobby Lobby (tons of options here! Mine has a very small stretch to it)
- Felt (you only need a small circle to complete a headband)
- glue gun
- glue sticks (obviously right?)
There are TONS of flower options to make headbands and this is just the easiest way because you already have pretty flowers here that you literally just glue gun to a piece of felt with the headband in between.  When it comes to flower ideas for headbands, your ideas can be endless! Just in the isle I got these, there's tons of 'ready made' flowers just asking to be placed on a childs head.

1) Cut your 'band" (lace trim, ribbon, elastic, etc...) to the size you want. 13inches is common for newborn IF you're going to close it off and if it's got some stretch to it. Mine were cut about 20 inches to have plenty of tie space.
2) Cut little felt circles to cover the back of your flowers. This just holds a barrier for the glue and helps make it soft against babies head.
3) Piece it all together and don't glue your fingers!!!! (it's hot I tell ya!)
***I lay out my band and put the flower upside down and place glue on the felt piece and then stick it all together.  If you're using a non lace band, you could glue to the band first and then add the felt after.
That's it! =) Super easy, super affordable and super adorable. If you can't find these flowers or want me to make you some, shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do. If you make these and use them, I would LOVE to see some photos of it in action.  

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Stunning Maternity session at Palmer Park :: Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer

This couple was so fun to work with and I can't wait to meet their little one who should be arriving soon! They are waiting until birth to find out the gender which is something I've never had the patience to do. I think it's a girl...mmmm.... we shall see!

We did some indoor photos and some outdoor photos and I loved how they came prepared with some poses they liked. One of my goals with maternity sessions is to be able to look at the final photos and be able to see the excitement from the parents to be on their new journey. I think this session rocked that!

To the parents to be :: Thank you so much for this fun session and see you soon to meet that sweet girl or boy!

Enjoy the sneak peek at this beautiful maternity couple ::
colorado scenery with a beautiful couple!, www.photographybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
such a great looking pregnant mama, www.photographybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
there's the cute belly =), www.photographybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
using ultra sound picture, one of my favorites, www.photographybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
love this!, www.photographybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
yellow boy as she's waiting until birth to find out gender, www.photographybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj

February 14, 2012

Chloe, 3 weeks new :: Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

Chloe's mom contacted me for a last minute photo session and I was so happy I could squeeze them in.  Chloe was so sweet and though she gave me a run for my money, we were still able to get the poses her mom wanted.  At 3 weeks of age, they're more prone to waking up when trying to pose and they're just not as flexible but she still did a great job with her first modeling session!

Meet Chloe ::
newborn girl with purple headband, www.photogrpahybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
cream and white edited version on left, www.photogrpahybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
newborn girl wrapped with hat made by "raspberry and lime", www.photogrpahybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
sweet newborn girl with simple headband, www.photogrpahybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
simple black and white, love, www.photogrpahybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
posed with head in hands, so dainty and cute, www.photogrpahybymelissaj.com www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj

February 13, 2012

Timeless black and white newborn photos :: Colorado Springs Newborn photographer

 I wanted to show some black and white (ish) images and Colton's session was the best! In the mom/dad photos, you can really see the bond that has already taken place with baby. SO SO SO incredibly sweet and i'm so glad they have these photos to cherish forever! By the way, Colton has the best newborn hair ever!!

Thank you C family for capturing this time and Colton is going to be one heartbreaker for sure!

Enjoy looking at these B&W's ::

Timeless black and white newborn photo, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
I mean seriously, check out that hair!! Even in B&W it looks stylish!
Love this hair!, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
father son bond - precious!, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
newborn boy feet in parents hands, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
This photo on the left is one of my favorite mom and son photos. When doing black and white, I tend to use a little different tint at times and in this photo, it really brings out the softness and elegance of the mother/son bond.
Newborn boy with mom, black and white images, www.photographybymelissaj.com

7th annual Healthy Pregnancy Fair :: Colorado Springs maternity and newborn photographer

We are very excited to be participating in the 7th annual Healthy Pregnancy Fair on Saturday, March 3rd from 11:00-2:00 PM. It is located at the Burlington Coat Factory in the Citadell Mall. Photography by Melissa J will have a booth featuring our maternity and newborn photography. Come by and say “hello” and enter to win a custom portrait session!

February 11, 2012

Ryker's photo session at 9 days new :: Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

Sweet boy, sweet name, sweet family - I loved hanging out with them to capture Rykers newness! This boy is handsome and I think he liked being photographed. Poor thing woke up the morning of his session with a rash but we were able to work around it and it didn't seem to bother him.

Thank you R family for letting me into your home and capturing this amazing time! Such a sweet family you have =)

Meet Ryker ::

newborn boy black and white, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
newborn boy oh so cute!, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
newborn boy in newsboy hat, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
newborn boy artistic portrait, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
newborn boy hands, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj
Newborn boy with military hat, rings on toes, www.photographybymelissaj.com  www.facebook.com/photographybymelissaj

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