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November 15, 2011

Stunning family full of boys! :: Family Portraits :: Colorado Springs Family Photographer

Now this family has some serious cuteness! They all fit so well together as a family and just make a perfect team.  1 mom, 1 dad, and 3 sons (that's a lot of boys in that house! - poor mom!

She handles them well though and you can see that each of the 3 sons are so well behaved and perfectly polite.  I must find out her secret!

I've known the mom of this family for quite awhile and I just love seeing her boys grow up. The oldest will be driving in 2 years!!! - yikes! Thank you B family for letting me spend this time with you and I had a blast listening to you all laugh and giggle.

Enjoy these family portraits...

I think it's safe to say that the below photo is probably a real reflection of what goes on in this household...

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November 11, 2011

21 days new and beautiful! :: Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

I got to meet and photograph Olivia last week while I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She was 21 days new during her newborn session so older than our recommended 10 days for posing but she still posed and slept like a champ. For some reason i get tons of boys lately so I was happy to dress up this portrait session with girlie-ness =)

Meet Olivia...

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© photography by melissa j

November 8, 2011

Owen, 15 days new :: Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

I got to visit this little dude in Dallas, Texas last week.  His mom and I have been friends for a long time and I was so happy to photograph her newest little one.  Owen's mom and dad are just as sweet as can be and along with the other 2 siblings in the house, this newest addition has an amazingly loving family.

I miss you already Owen (and family) but I'm sure I'll see you soon =)

Check out all this cuteness from his newborn session...
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Thank you H family for letting me come to Dallas and spend time with you all.  I hope to see everyone again soon! Miss and love y'all! =)

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© Photography by Melissa J

6 days new and just loved basket props! :: Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

This little munchkin loved being in baskets.  He didn't care too much for posing on my blanket covered bean bag but once I put him in the first basket, he was content as could be!

Poor Mr Holden was pricked and poked while in the hospital as Dr's thought he encountered an infection.  His poor hands had all kinds of spots on them as those nurses had a hard time IV'ing him.  Luckily, he turned out not to have the infection a dozen pokes later and came home ready for his newborn portraits.!

Check out precious Holden...
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  Thank you Holden's family for letting me in your home to capture this wonderful time! He is such a precious joy and I was so happy to photograph his newborn fuzzy and squishiness!

Basket was from Hobby Lobby (photographers prop dream house!!!) =)
Crown was from Lilian.Grace, check out her Facebook page HERE and tell her i sent ya!

© Photography by Melissa J

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November 3, 2011

Photography by Melissa J is offering Holiday mini sessions!! :: Colorado Springs Family Photographer

There's snow on the ground here in Colorado and the Holidays are at the front of many of our minds. What gifts will you give this year? How about framed portraits of your family, or your kids, or even your pets?!

It's almost time to send out those Holiday cards to loved ones, let Photography by Melissa J help you impress your family and friends with beautiful photos and uniquely designed Holiday cards.

This years Holiday Mini Session is posted!...

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